35 Creative Benefits for a Work-Life Balance

Posted by TTI Business on Jul 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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As the steady stream of millennial employees flood the work place, there is a shift from the “Live to Work”, 80 hour work week mentality, to the “Work to Live Well” with more perks and free time, mentality. This growing trend of a melded work-life has created the necessity, not the desire, to get more than just a few simple benefits from work. Today’s employees are looking at companies that can think outside of the box to create an atmosphere that they want to spend and invest their time in.

If work has become greater than just part of our daily life, then shouldn’t the time for relaxation, volunteering and exercise, among other interests, also be part of that life? Some companies are doing just that. By incorporating this newest movement into their work culture, employers are leverage this idea of a work-life balance to recruit, and retain their top talent to stay competitive.


A work-life balance

The work-life balance in 2017 is as subjective as it is progressive. Everyone has a different idea of what it should to look like in his or her scenario. Time, flexibility, and the opportunity to seek self-enrichment are among the top choices to live better and to prevent a burn out.

If you ask students and new hires what is important to them, sleep, relaxation and taking breaks are on the top of the list. For most white-collar workers, the speed of their thinking is tied to productivity and effectiveness, and without the proper rest and a chance to reset, thinking slows down considerably.

To obtain a work-life balance, one must first set priorities, and then schedule blocks of time to allow for them. Understanding that spending time with family, investing in friendships, engaging in fulfilling activities, and finding ways to unwind, is just as important as working hard to achieve goals, and it's a healthy start to a well balanced life. But there is always much to do, and not enough time to do it. How can work benefits fill in the gaps?


Creative benefits for a work-life balance

Let’s explore some ideas and unique programs that can lead us to a more felxible and desirable lifestyle. Maybe you will be inspired to add some of these to your wish list when negotiating your benefits.


1. Unlimited parental leave

2. Flexible schedule

3. Pets care stipend

4. Laundry services

5. Organic food service

6. House cleaning services

7. Hair care

8. Botox, etc.



9. Paid time off to volunteer for community service

10. Expanding horizons stipend for traveling abroad

11. Golf membership

12. Scuba diving lessons


Team building and education:

13. Education reimbursement

14. Company retreats

15. Lunch and learn sessions

16. Access to paid e-learning sites such as Lynda.com



17. In-house yoga

18. Stand up desks

19. Gym membership

20. Stipend to cover marathon registration fees



21. Unlimited vacation

22. In-house nap room

23. In-house massage

24. Allowance for mental health

25. Tanning



26. Company matching donations

27. Transportation allowance

28. Interest free loans

29. Stock options

30. Paid lunch hour


In the Office:

31. Remote working arrangement

32. Game rooms

33. Birthday cake and/or day off

34. Free coffee and beverages

35. Free snacks, fruit; yogurt; power bars

These are only some of the generous and unique ways that companies are giving back to their employees. Maybe this can inspire you to negotiate the benefits in your company as well as paving a way for change to a  better company culture.


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