4 Life-Changing Ideas For Female Entrepreneurs

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 16, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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It’s not just a man’s world anymore! More and more women are starting their own business and succeeding while juggling their home and family responsibilities. This balancing act and overcoming the many hurdles of work at home and in the business can be stressful. But with the right mindset, everything can fall into place.

Here are 4 life-changing ideas for female entrepreneurs to get you psyched about calling your own shots because women make it happen!


1. Get over the guilt

It is time to change your mind set. As women, we have an inherent sense for nurturing, and at times, at the cost of our selves. This internal struggle to put our life first can be a daunting task for some of us, especially if we have small children. Get over the guilt of allowing yourself to follow your dream. There is a multitude of creative ways to work out the many details of home life and still raise your children, set a good example, and thrive as a female entrepreneur.

If you have older kids, include them in your business. They can get real life experience as they work with you on typing/blogging, social media, video editing, coding and much more. By including your teens in your business you are setting them up for future success by teaching them the life skills to overcome challenges, gain valuable work ethics and emotional intelligence as you inspire then to build their own business in the future. But most importantly, you are working it out with your family and still running a business.


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2. Scheduling is Key

One can create a perfect schedule, including everything that needs to be done at home and at work in a timely fashion. These series of events can involve projects, taking care of clients, cooking dinner and weekly children’s activities and while some days it can all flow, there are the days that the schedule can crash and burn. Don’t fret, go with the flow by being flexible and make changes where needed. Learn not to over schedule and leave plenty of time for the unexpected. You will feel less stressed and may finish up with some free time. This is the only way to be successfully productive while juggling two full-time jobs, family being one of them.

Now that you have resolved any existing guilt and time-management issues, you are a step closer to run a more flexible thought process. Put it to good use!

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3. Show up

Although times have changed and there are so many more female entrepreneurs, as women, some of us still may feel a bit unprepared for the business world. The only way to overcome this mental dilemma is to learn from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs. It’s time to connect, Find a group, possibly a local Meetup in your area and attend. This single act will place you in touch many other business owners to network, share experiences, and collaborate ideas and solutions. You may find that this journey of connections will give you the very support you need to go fearlessly ahead.


4. Find ways to help others

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. But instead of asking for help, offer to help. Find something, a charity, or an event that you can contribute to, some place where you can be of service and volunteer. Great places to serve could also include your child’s school, your church, or an outreach program that you believe in. You may find that the bonds you create with the people you will meet there and help will have an unexpected ROI that is priceless. Watch as new doors open, you may even find a mentor.


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