4 Tips to Hire the Best Talent in 2017

Posted by TTI Business on Jul 19, 2017 7:05:00 AM

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To stay competitive in today’s business world, companies need to hire and retain the best talented people they can. Since most of today’s business is conducted by using a smartphone, tablet and a computer, the understanding of user experience is the key to hiring the best talent.

Most recruiters look for a common past experience and education, when in fact they should be looking for unique individuals with different strengths, from diverse backgrounds. These different perspectives and experiences will bring a blend of unique creativity to inspire trendsetting solutions. Here are 4 tips to hire the best talent in 2017.


Tip 1. Focus on the challenge 

Tip 1. Look for people that thrive on a challenge and then go out of your way to give it to them. Create an environment that stimulates people to continually evolve and adapt in the role. These people inherently can’t stay complacent or move backward, it is not in their DNA; they have to move forward at all costs.


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Tip 2. Trust and respect

Look for people that value trust and respect in their life. These people will undoubtedly take ownership and pursue ideas that produce results. They will also value the ideas of others and work to collaborate effectively to bring these creative ideas to fruition.


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Tip 3. It's important to play

Look for people that like to play. Have the resources, and let your employees be resourceful. Let them figure out what they can contribute, where and how they fit into the team, by using their unique talents. Let your employee’s volunteer, research and write articles, anything creative. By doing so, you will be fostering a sense of self-fulfillment as well as adding value to your company. These new experiences will allow your people to bring the very best of themselves to your projects.


Tip 4. Find people with superior ideas 

Look for diversity at work. The world is vastly diverse, and yet simply connected. Having a knowledge and respect for the many different and unique backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives is vital in today’s market place. Superior ideas and world class work cultures are born through the melding of these unique components.

The sky is the limit when we commit to working together towards a common goal.


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