6 Easy Steps to Make your Business Go Green

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 2, 2017 7:00:00 AM


The environment is everyone’s responsibility. There is a growing trend towards the concept of - less is more. A life of minimalism and an effort to streamline and de-clutters not only saves space but also saves time. Having less ultimately means taking care of less. At home and in business, we could all use less, – less email, less paper, less stress and more effort towards the idea to go green in the office.

Here’s a simple rule to help you de-clutter: If it doesn’t make you happy, you don’t need it, or it doesn’t make you money – pass it on, recycle it, throw it out! You will find that you may have so much more time on your hands to do what you want to do such as growing you business and allowing your company to be more with less.

The color green is known to be calming like the fresh air and openness of nature. To preserve this beauty outdoors and in are homes and business, we need to take some necessary strategic steps. Here are 6 easy steps to make your business go green.


1. Access your business

Starting with the trash bins, take note of what your business is throwing out on a regular basis. Is it paper, styripome cups, plastic forks, packing materials or much larger items? Identify the main culprits and then design a plan to tackle the issues one by one. These efforts will reap the many benefits of recyling and make your business go green.


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2. Go Paperless

Accounting firms, legal offices, medical buildings, among other industries use large amounts of paper; but this practice is starting to change. The growing trend of using electronic documents, electronic signatures and cloud storage has proven to be more effective in that it increases efficiency by making documents searchable and accessible anywhere you go. You will also need much less office space for storage; a huge monthy saver in the long run. 


3. Use Recycled Paper

If you must use paper, use recycled paper. It is easier to manufacture and it doesn’t hurt the environment. More and more, we are seeing recycled paper used for birthday cards, as wrapping paper, beverage holders, plates, napkins, boxes, packing moulds, and other applications. This trend is spreading to the use of plastic as well. Where once be used wood, we are now seeing plastic incorporated into materials used for decking and even some of the cloths we wear.


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4. Recycle Old Electronic Equipment

Technology is constantly changing and getting better. Find programs in your area that will take your old phones, computers, monitors, printers, copiers and other unused electronic equipment. These items can be recycled and do not belong in a landfill.


5. Recycle in the Office

Incorporate containers for plastic, metal, and paper to be separated in the office. Make it a point to involve all your employees in this effort to preserve the environment. If possible, consider adding a full stocked kitchen to your lunch area. Using real cups, plates and utensils will cut down the cost of providing paper and plastic serving materials and will pave the way to go green in the office.


6. Remote Office Options

So much time, gas, and energy is wasted on commuting every year. If possible, have your employees work from home. It will be less stressful and costly for them and it will save you the resources for having people in the office.

These are just a few of the many benefits of recycling that will leave a lasting footprint for the next generation.



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