6 Growing Trends that Changed the Workplace

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 9, 2017 7:03:00 AM

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The workplace has always evolved, but not as drastically as it has in the last 20 years. The new ever-changing technology has catapulted us into an era of automation, online collaboration, artificial intelligence and a need for remote working environments, and need for tech savvy workers in 2017 and the future.

There are 6 growing trends in the workplace that changed for the better, and in some regard, to the worse. Let’s explore them together.


1. The distribution of corporations 

Corporations have minimizing the quantity of employees they are sustaining, and they are seeking out only the top quality candidates for their jobs functions.

We have seen companies disburse their non-core functions such as IT, accounting, HR, purchasing and even customer care services nationally and globally. Technology has enabled corporations to seek talent from other less costly regions as well as server clients in other regions.


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Corporations have also increase the number of decision makers and they are placed wider and lower in the organization to decrease the time and cost it takes for a plan of action. As organizations seek new opportunities, they continue to rely on their people to make smart choices in running the of day-to-day operations.

  • Pro: More decision makers means less time to get approval to more forward.
  • Con: Smart and frequent collaboration is essential for teams in different areas to work together and not against each other.


2. Collaboration tools to conduct business 

Email, file sharing, cloud storage, video or audio meetings, office automation, and others tools are user-friendly and make it the obvious choice to conduct business in a cost effective way. This is a necessity as today’s teams are scattered across time zones and work with multiple stakeholders on a variety of projects. The Google suite of tools is just one platform that can be used to connect and collaborate but it does not replace the face-to-face communication of getting to know your team members, their motivations and dreams.

  • Pro: The world is smaller, collaboration is easy
  • Con: Technology cannot not replace the face-to-face casual conversations that can inspire creativity that can result organically.


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3. Working Remotely

The technology of smart devices has paved the way to remote collaboration, thus facilitating the new standard of working – off site, or remotely. Saving time and the cost of commuting, employees are much happier to work away from the office. Although an occasional in person visit is necessary to maintain human relationships, most everything can get done using technology.

  • Pro: Time and energy is saved.
  • Con: One has to learn time management with out getting distracted


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4. Demand for benefits and flexibility

The changing workforce is demanding better benefits and much, much more flexibility. Made up of mainly millennials, these smart, tech savvy workers need, and are getting more perks with their job titles and the time to focus on other interests for a well-balanced lifestyle. This shift of work culture has been accepted by corporations and has spread widely in the past several years reaping their own benefits as workers are more engaged, less stressed and more creative problem solvers.

  • Pro: The new generation will have a better handle on the importance of working to live, not living to work.
  • Con: There may be some conflict in the process as some employers are not open to this arrangement.


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5. Demand for more sustainable organizations

The growing need to discourage a wastefulness and non-environmentally friendly work practices has forced employers to reconsider the sustainability of how and where their employees work. Pressed by ethical consumerism, the purchasing of environment friendly products, companies are being forced to comply and Go Green. Today’s businesses are bought and sold by socially responsible investors, thus further creating the need to respond to sustainability concerns by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. This concept goes hand-in-hand with allowing employees to desk share and/or work remotely, saving greenhouse gas emissions, valuable time and money by not commuting.

  • Pro: Everyone is working to save the environment
  • Con: More time and energy will need to be given to work out long term solutions with existing issues


6. Growing need for qualified workers

The latest and greatest tech has created a need for more creative tech savvy workers that embraces and thrive with the inherent changes. Companies are now calling for specialized skills, faster reflexes and more teamwork from their people to satisfy the many demands of today’s market place.


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