6 Important Skills Employers Look For

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 28, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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The competition is steep in the job market today. You have the right skills, qualifications and experience, so why is it that your co-worker got the promotion instead of you? This common question is asked even among the most exceptional employees.

Employers today are taking a different approach to the promoting their employees. It is not longer enough to complete specific tasks or to gain enough of a certain type of experience to move ahead. Employees are required to have soft skills. The right attitude, among others, the right outlook on individual and team performance is no longer just desirable trait, it is a necessity and makes a huge difference at decision time.

Here are 6 important skills employers look for before promoting anyone.


1. The right attitude

Why is having the right attitude so important? It is because attitude is what drives the right or wrong kind of actions or behaviors. A promotion often leads to more responsibility, more contact with people and a much greater need for deeper focus and a collective inclusive attitude towards the projects at hand.

Anyone that has ever played a team sport understands the value of having a great attitude. It is a powerful force that can make or break a team by defining the course of actions taken by team members. It can even create a division that disables the team. If the attitude is focused on an inclusive effort to win the game, then any team member will make the pass to the person that is in the best position to score. Team sports are about winning the game together, along with many other valuable lessons.

Great leaders recognize the value of building up their team players or employees, because they know that they can’t run the department or business alone. The future business, and its success depend on the solidarity of the team, and attitudes that create it.


2. Be open to Learning

An intelligent person is someone that realized that they don’t have the answer to everything, that there is always a better way, and that the best solution does not need to be their idea, it just needs to be best solution to the problem.

Intelligent people are those that are willing to serve others before serving themselves. They are not prideful, selfish, and they treat others with respect because they realize that most everyone has something valuable to contribute. Mostly, intelligent people live a life that values and embraces learning continually as a way of life.

Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and always work to improve and learn more. By doing, there will be more acceptances of others and the opportunity for teamwork in the organization.


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3. Make it work

Focus on how to solve a problem instead of focusing on why it does not work. By doing so, one will come up with more ways to figure out a problem that will eventually lead to a successful solution. Anyone that has ever discovered anything first had many, many unsuccessful attempts before the final break through. Steadfast focus is what it takes to make something work.


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4. Plan it 

Anything complex has to be a planned well. Intelligent employees, those that are worthy of promotion understand this. Planning out the right course of action to achieve a desired result takes thought before action, understanding that even the best thought out plans need to be tweaked.


5. Inspire others

People that look ahead, usually have the qualities to inspire and motivate others to do so as well. Steve Jobs was no doubt a visionary. Although he was known to be difficult personality, there was a reason that Apple employees couldn’t resist working on his revolutionizing ideas, and eventually bringing them to fruition. It is because Steve Jobs was a trendsetter that his ideas have changed how we all work and live in the world today. 

Not everyone is or can be a Steve Jobs, but we can all strive to think ahead and discern how things will play out by thinking long-term and in the future, thus earning the respect of our peers.


6. Help others

The best employees are helpful to others without being asked for assistance. People that recognize a need before it is requested are treasures in the office. Kindness, courtesy and the willingness to assist, train, and help others is a desired trait in every work place.

By being helpful, you are not only being proactive but also displaying your willingness to work harder for the betterment of your team members and the company. This helpful attitude paired with the awareness of other people’s strengths and weaknesses will drive discernment followed by actions that will benefit everyone involved.

We hope that these tips will shed some light on the important soft skills each person should master in their career journey. 

Recap List of Important Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Communication
  • Delegation and motivation
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Influencing
  • Creative problem solving
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Team building
  • Personal effectiveness


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