Choosing the Right Social Media for your Business

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 23, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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Choosing the right paper from the many types of paper on the market today will make all the difference in your project. Unfortunately this can be just a little more complex than you believe. Like any purchase, knowing what to look when shopping and why will ensure optimal results.

Before we talk about the right social media for your business lets explore today’s 2017 trends.


Advertising on social media

Although algorithms are partly to blame by limiting the audience that sees your posts, it is the sheer mass of messages, photos and videos that clutter the feeds that is the main problem for marketers.

Once again the tables have turned, paid advertising will play a role on who sees your content. Highly targeted, shareable, and easy to track, these ads are a smart investment as they cut through the massive clutter and go directly to your audience and fortunately they are available on most social platforms.


Employee advocacy

Employee adovcacy on social media is one way to be productive. Encourage and make it easy for your employees to share your brand. Certainly messages posted from an employee's personal accounts are more trusted than any paid advertising no matter how well planned out. Having your employees post establishes and projects their trust and belief in your company as well as creating a new network of people that may otherwise not have been reached. It's basic, simple and it works!

Create content that your employees will want to share and make it easy to do so. If you are a B2B company, the content needs to appease the end user. An interesting blog post somehow related to your product or some helpful tips is a great way to promote the information without directly promoting your company. Some general information on interesting charities or events you are involved with will promote you as a person while also making your company brand known.

Make posting simple. A mobile apps such as Hootsuite Amplify, makes it easy for your employees to extend your reach while keeping your people engaged. A word of caution though, provide some social media training for your employees to ensure that your company will always be presented in a positive light before allowing any messages to go out.


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The future of social media

Consumers learn about products on Instagram and Pinterest. They buy through Facebook and Twitter and they engage in customer service through channels such as Facebook Messenger. A virtual assistant know as Chatbot lives within Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other platforms to guide customers through simple tasks such as ordering food to more complicated tasks such as managing finances. And this is just the beginning; the future of social media is to drive social selling and engage in customer service.

Finally… choosing the right social media for your business! Let’s explore.


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Any parent knows that their teens and young adults love and use Snapchat regularly. It is a fact that in the U.S., 60% of Snapchat users are under the age of 24. Any business targeting millennials can create videos, conduct interviews and explore other creative ways to promote their product on this free platform.



Facebook once beloved by college students all over the country and abroad has moved into the living rooms of the older generation. Only 9% of Facebook users are between the ages of 18 – 24. Yet 32% of women and 29% of men between the ages of 25 – 54 use Facebook regularly, checking it several times per day making it a suitable platform if you are targeting this demographic.



Instagram has 500 billion users on the app, a regular goldmine if it wasn’t for the latest algorithm change. Like Facebook, content populates sporadically, not chronologically as posted by the user, thus taking away the control from the companies posting the content. Not to mention, there are no clickable links to getting people to your website. However, Instagram works well to build your brand if you already have a following. This platform is a great marketing tool to post beautiful images or videos, and with the help of a strategic marketing initiative your company can capitalize on this free platform.



Primarily used by female population, Pinterest has 42% of women users. In fact 34% are between the ages of 18 to 29, and 28% are between 30 to 49. If your product lines include art, home décor and materials such as tile, food, or any other picture friendly products, Pinterest is the platform for your business. And now selling your products is made easier with the Pinterest buy button.


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