How to Find Leads for your Business through Social Media

Posted by TTI Business on Apr 22, 2017 9:01:00 AM

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Social media is the gateway to connectivity. Almost everything and everyone has been talked about or has appeared on Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+ and other social platforms. The most common of goals that a business has today is to raise brand awareness, find the leads that will turn into customers, and to grow their business. Social  media has the power to achieve these goals.

Here are a few tips that may help you to find leads you are looking for through your social media platforms.



  • Create a facebook business page featuring - who you are as a business, what you do and what you support
  • Content - include a variety of interesting images and videos such as pictures from social functions, videos of what you support, and the latest news and product information
  • Chime in – have an opinion on what others post and repost what you find interesting
  • Create a facebook group – by doing so you can stay in touch with your existing customers; find new leads and future customers; be available to interact on specific topics in which you are an expert in; provide helpful tips by direct messaging or Skype; and establish yourself as a credible source
  • Join a facebook group – by doing so you can unite and interact with current customers, potential clients on a common topic or interest. The networking opportunities are boundless.
  • Run a facebook ad campaign – you can advertise your products or your business as a whole; target your ad for “Likes” or website “Clicks”; in your ad, you can target your audience by location, age range; and interests

Facebook is fun, interesting, and it has a wide reach of content, connections and a wealth of endless opportunities to find leads for your business.



Instagram is picture perfect platform that has the potential for limitless, free organic traffic to help promote and build your businessThe key to Instagram is the social sharing feature. This allows you to share every picture posted to Instagram with facebook and twitter for maximum reach and increase the chances to generate leads for your business. 



The voice from within, Twitter is an open ended conversation with an unlimited reach. Some interesting comments, a few #tags and you’re in. Here are a few ways to navigate Twitter to benefit your business.

  • Create a Twitter bio that is consistent with your brand and website and always consider your tone of your words.
  • Build an audience with the Twitter search tool – locating the influencers in your industry; follow them, comment and reach out them.
  • Tweet and interact regularly, retweet or share interesting content with fresh view
  • Follow relevant trends and #hashtags and place your business within the mix
  • Share - Always ask your follower to share your favorite topics
  • Run a promotional contest on Twitter and integrate your other social platforms and email campaigns for an optimum reach.

Further more, and not mentioned above, creating a Linkedin company page is also a must-have on-line platform that every company should have to attract new leads and future customers. By using these free on-line resources you can potenially increase your network, find leads that can turn into customers, increase your brand awareness and have an active voice in your industry.


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