How to Foster Talent and Grow your Business

Posted by TTI Business on Aug 14, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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Every business owner’s challenge is to find people with the right talent and attitude, for their company. Once hired, these employees need to be cultivated and grown to their fullest potential for their benefit and yours.

By setting a precedent to bring out the very best in people, your organization will change for the better. And ultimately, this growth will define your companies work culture, and create the standards in which you do business.

Here are some steps to foster your employee’s talent and grow your business to its full potential in the process.


Define and Set the Standards

It’s never too late to reshape the company culture in your business. Most people thrive on the opportunity to learn and grow. By facilitating an environment for people to explore their talents, become more knowledgeable, take classes or even earn a degree, you are in fact, creating an organization of confident, better people. The possibilities for growth are endless! Here's how you can start the process to develop employees and foster talent in your business.


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  • Interview and hire for your company culture, even if it's still only a vision. Hire people that find learning and growth attractive. This will ensures that they are open to making any necessary changes as the company evolves.
  • Communicate the expectations of the company culture to those you interview and ultimately hire. You want people that are willing to learn, work well with other and fit in right from the start.
  • Set an excellent example of work ethics. Be at work on time and ready to start everyday. Respect your people no matter what level of work they are doing. Teach people how to behave by setting the example by being the best you could be.
  • Access the atmosphere in the room when interviewing. And be aware of this with your current employee to determine if/or who is open to this change in this new work culture. 
  • Don't waste time by spending too much time on those that are set in their ways. If they do a good job for you, let them and move on. Focus on those that what to thrive and grow.
  • Check your attitude. Your current employees or new hires will sense if you trust in their abilities. The lack of trust will have a negative impact for what you want to accomplish. 
  • Implement company training efforts frequently. Everyone needs a refresher, select the areas that your company is weak in and start paving the way for improvement. And, certainly ask your people for their imput.
  • Assign problem-solving projects along with routine organization tasks. These type of projects are designed to make one grow. Even if it does not work out at the time, the lessons learned can be used in other areas. Nothing is wasted when learning.
  • Facilitate team-building exercises. Personal growth is one thing, but can your team work together? Find interesting ways for people to work, learn and trust each other in a peaceful productive way. Genuine qualities count here - bad attitudes need to be checked out!
  • Check your own bad habits, and access where you as an employer can improve your leadership styles. Find a mentor, someone that you respect and feel comfortable sharing with. The value of this will last a life time.
  • Communication is key – if your people are telling you they don’t understand the task, it is up to you to sharpen your communication skills and reiterate it in a way that is crystal clear to everyone. Communication can be difficult because everyone has a different learning style. Be aware of these differences when assigning projects.
  • Manage well – make sure everyone knows what part he or she is responsible for in the project. Develop a check and balance system to make sure the job is on schedule. 
  • Give credit where credit is due. The success of your business is directly linked to the efforts of your employees; they make it happen for you everyday. Find interesting and personal ways to reward them! 


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People reflect outwardly, what they feel inwardly and your employees are no different. Even those with perfect emotional intelligence skills will be affected by the positive or negative efforts you create. Focus on the positive, grow your business by developing your employees, and watch your people and your company shine! 


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