How to Set a Good Example and Manage a Successful Office

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An office can have the best set-up, from the most stylish and comfortable office furniture to the latest and greatest technology – but it is the manager that creates the most impact on how successfully an office will run. Certainly, the employees make a company great, but it is the manager’s job to set the standard for the employees to follow.  

Here are a few helpful tips on how to create an office environment that will be a pleasure to work in as well as drive the company into a successful business.


1. The Open Door Policy

Managers, be open to your employees by keeping your door open and by not managing from your desk. Move through your office several times during the day and interact with your staff because this is a vital step to maintaining a healthy working environment, and it’s the only way to know what is going on in your office. Use the conference rooms for the one-on-one meetings with your employees, and let your office be a safe place for interactions and idea exchanges.

2. Set a Good Example

Leading by example is the most powerful step a manager can take to influence a positive workplace. Demonstrate what is expected and watch as your staff emulates your behaviors. These are a few points to consider:

  • Respect – treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated Hard work – Lead the way and enthusiastically embrace new challenges until the goal is reached
  • Gratitude – acknowledge everyone’s contributions and share the credit for accomplishments
  • Kindness – always display grace and diplomacy under pressure and always defuse heated tempers
  • Office Attire – neat, clean and always professional, leave a positive impression
  • Impeccable Work Ethics – always be fair, honest and dedicated to get the job done well
  • Dependable – always be relied on to keep your promises and most of all be trustworthy 
  • Timeliness – always be on time yourself
  • Common Courtesy – return phone calls and reply to your employees’ e-mails


3. Discourage Negative Behavior

Negative behaviors in the office will rob your employees of a safe work environment and deprive focus from productive creativity

Here are the top 4 negative office behaviors that cause damage in the office:

  • Negativity – this includes whining, pouting and having a generaly negative attitude

  • Vulgar language – is a sign of immaturity and lack of self control 

  • Gossip and Finger Pointing – is not only hurtful but also creates mistrust among people 

  • Procrastination and Sloppiness – creates an disorganized environment and puts a halt to productivity


4. Job Expertise 

The office manager should know how to perform or at least have a some understanding every job in the office. If there are some tasks that you aren’t familiar with, ask your staff to train you — you will gain respect by doing so.


4. The Benefits of Leading by Example

Leading by a good example doesn’t end with your employees and colleagues. Your excellent managerial techniques and work ethics will have an impact on many other areas of your company. Values such as problem solving, conflict resolution, and team building – will overflow to keep your clients satisfied and help your business grow.


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