Important Decorating Tips for your Office

Posted by TTI Business on Jul 31, 2017 7:01:00 AM


We spend so many hours during our day working in the office or our home office. With so much to do, we can all stand to be more efficient. Considering this, it is important to create a work atmosphere that is conducive to productivity, easy to use, promotes freethinking and remains light and uncluttered. How do we achieve this form of utopia and still remain focused?

Lets explore paint color and office decor, functional office furniture and a comfortable office chair. Here are some important decorating tips for your office. 


1. Color your world beautiful

Whether we realize it or not, the colors that surround us have an impact on our productivity and our moods. For this reason it is important to be aware of the color choices we surround ourselves with. Consider these colors and the what they evoke:

  • Dark Blue often leads to passivity
  • Blue is associated with productivity
  • Green is calming in that in evokes balance
  • Orange evokes emotion and action
  • Red stimulate excitement and action
  • Yellow promotes creativity and makes you more optimistic
  • Pink is calming

Having defined these sublimital reactions, we can now design our space in a way that benefits us and our lifestyle. If your job is number crunching, gray and blue is your friend. Creative people need a splash of orange, or yellow in their pallet. For anyone doing the heavy lifting, red is for you. Think carefully about your choices before making a purchase; you will literally have to live with it.

What’s important is that the colors you choose need to help make you feel comfortable in your space at work or at home.


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2. Furniture

Selecting office furniture can be a lot of fun as the brands on the market today design a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to accommodate your needs. There are five main styles of office furniture: Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Industrial, and Rustic. Decide on a style and design you space surrounding that look.

Repeat that theme through out your office as you actively search for your desk, cabinets, shelving and other pieces that provide lots of storage, keeping in mind that furniture needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


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3. The perfect chair

Comfort is essential at work! When looking for a chair, look for the right chair. No one can produce their best work if they are uncomfortable or worse – in pain. Consider looking for an ergonomic office chair for optimal comfort. There many brands for chairs that support circulation, they also support the spine and neck, some models feature passive pelvic support as well as height and arm rest adjustments. You will be spending many hours in that chair, find what works for you.


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4. The finishing touches

Add in those items that make you feel good. Include inspirational images such as some family vacation photos; after all you work to live well. Anything that will evoke happiness will help you thrive and will work wonders on your mood and productivity.

Lastly, consider the benefits of renting vs. buying office furniture until you are sure of what you want in your space!


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Topics: Important Decorating Tips for your Office, paint color and office decor, functional office furniture, a comfortable office chair

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