Quick Tips for the New Millennial Manager

Posted by TTI Business on Jun 24, 2017 9:02:00 AM

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You’ve worked hard, you’ve proven to yourself, and to the upper management that you have what it takes to lead. As a millennial you will now have to demonstrate it to those you will be leading as well as earning the respect of your elders and other co-workers.

Here are a few quick tips to help get you started on the right path to success as a new manager.

Seek Support: By looking into a mentor for support, you have already acknowledged that you don’t have the answers. You may have a handle on what your skills are, but you may not know where you need help. A mentor can encourage you with honesty and teach you what you are lacking. Emotional intelligence is key, it’s the ability to read others, listen attentively and show respect while making good leadership choices.

Start with Respect: Some of the people you will be managing may be older, they could have been there for 10 years or more, and they may feel like they have been passed over for the promotion. Start by understand this discontent, and show them that you value their knowledge and past experience, and you look forward to their contributions in the new projects.

Bridge the Divide of Misconceptions: As a younger manager, some old employees may feel that a young manager is not equipped to handle the job. Millennial are tech savvy and connected to everything and everyone, they are unconstrained and driven to make change in the office and the world around them. Paired with being smart, idealistic and bold, this behavior can be stereotyped as being self-entitled by someone older. Bridge the divide of misconceptions by being respectful when you give direction to the employees, assign tasks, address issues, and resolve problems.

Communicate: Be open. Use your interpersonal skills to clearly communicate the goals and objectives. Get acquainted with your team members and build relationships focusing on understanding how they communicate and let them know you would like to receive information. This process establishes your managerial style and removes any ambiguity of what is expected.

Network: Public Relations as a person, manager and as a team is important to being a well-known leader. Make the effort to be known by acquainting yourself with other teams, and department heads and other key people in your organization to be more productive, get information and answers to any questions you may have.

Build Trust: Establish credibility at work by keeping your word, and by not making promises you cannot keep. Keep company information and employee conversations private to build trust with your co-workers. Most of all learn to place trust in the abilities of your team members. By doing so, you will let them be come stakeholders as they do more work and feel valued.

We hope that these quick tips for the new millennial manager will help you succeed in all of your endeavors.


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