The Rise of Female Millennial Entrepreneurs

Posted by TTI Business on May 29, 2017 7:00:00 AM


Empowered, and informed, young women are rising to the occasion to build their own companies from scratch. This is the newest trend among female millennials; women are leaving the restrictions of corporate life and the cubicle behind them to follow their own passions.

Among many others, the desire to be heard and implement creative ideas, the freedom to grow at their own pace, and be compensated equally to men, these reasons for change are on the top of their list, and bring forth the rise of female millennial entrepreneurs.


Their Qualities and Values

As women, female millennial entrepreneurs gravitate towards the importance of values. Tired and frustrated from the restrictions and back-stabbing of the man’s work place, women want more than just to make money. They want to create companies that foster inclusiveness and collaboration, to solve problems by using their unique qualities to make a difference. Here are a few.

  • What female millennials have in their favor is a unique perspective and discernment of shopping; they buy for themselves, their families, and their business. They look for authentic brands, and companies that share the same values, while also honoring other female entrepreneurs by working with them. 
  • Fully transparent and innovative, female millennials are driven! They have a willingness to learn, they embrace diversity, and leverage the work others to the find solutions to achieve their goals. 
  • Successful female millennial entrepreneurs strive to know themselves, believe in their product, and they aren’t afraid to ask questions or to seek a mentor.
  • Female millennials are fearless, they embrace uncomfortable situations, jumping into things they don’t have answers to and let things unravel and develop while discovering their strengths.
  • They jump on opportunities and drop ideas just as quickly. They are always searching solutions! They are time managers and focus on tasks that make the most impact on their business.
  • They are problem solvers and focus to build their business around the things that need fixing. 
  • They also surround themselves around people that know how to do the things they don’t. They look for the expertise they don't have and collaborate to move ahead.

Young female millennials are setting new trends while inspiring young girls that they can do anything they set their mind to if they have a goal, stay focused and are deteremined.

The sky is the limit when you do what you love!!!


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