How to work from anywhere and collaborate effectively

Posted by TTI Business on May 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM


The beauty of today’s technology is that it allows us to have complete autonomy of when and where we work. The one key factor that still remains to run a successful business is that we need to collaborate more effectively.

In the many years past, meetings were usually scheduled and held with large groups of people at a designated central location at a time that was convenient for the majority of attendees. Today, we can schedule our meetings with only the consideration of the time frame. There are many collaboration tools on the market to choose from that can satisfy our needs for effective communication across many platforms as well as for continuous interaction and engagement.

Although this sounds easy enough, there are some challenges. It appears that the main reason why some businesses have difficulty implementing online collaboration meetings in their office is because some of their employees have difficultly adapting to this new format and are not comfortable using it. Others, the tech savvy, find that the programs don’t work well enough on their platforms to give them the experience they desire.

The Solutions to Effective Collaboration

IT departments have their hands full with keeping up with the ever-changing technology let alone, finding the right effective, and intuitive tools for their company. The following factors need to be considered to ensure that these efforts are a success.

The collaboration platform needs to work regardless of a participant’s location or hardware and include and support the following easy to use functionalities:

On-site collaboration spaces used for video meetings need to include:

  • Good sound acoustics with minimal background noise
  • Good lighting for a better user experience
  • Digital whiteboards for presentations

Consider and prioritize mobility, since more and more people are working remotely, they will need to collaborate using their tablets, smart phones, computeres, or laptops. Keeping up with technology is more important than ever.

Lastly, the company's culture plays a huge part in the success of this intiative. Teams work best when everyone is comfortable and enjoys using the tools provided for them so that they can work from anywhere and still collaborate effectively. 


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